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shanna lee Physical vs Spiritual

Today on The Soul Frequency I wanted to talk about the physical vs the spiritual. I had a message from a lovely woman about the Ascension Symptoms episode, and how these symptoms were also very similar to metal toxicity symptoms. So, I just wanted to discuss the relationship between the physical and spiritual worlds, and how it’s important to be connected to both. 

In order to feel connected to the spiritual, we must look after the physical, so in this episode, we talk about metal levels in the body, acupuncture, building our immune systems, and the overall importance of looking after our bodies. 

If you’re unsure about the difference in ascension symptoms vs physical symptoms, listen to the episode below. 

What you’ll find inside this conversation…

(00:25) Introducing today’s episode, Physical vs Spiritual.
(03:38) Metal toxicity and checking your metal levels.
(05:57) Looking after your physical body is important!
(07:14) Reconnecting your body. 

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