Grow Your Podcast Audience in 2021 With These 6 Handy Tips

There’s an old saying about a falling tree in the woods, which can be said the same for podcasts. If you have stellar podcast content, you put your entire soul and heart into it, but no one listens to it, does it even make a sound? It might be time to shift your strategy. Knowing […] The post Grow Your Podcast Audience in 2021 With

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3 Steps to Be An Optimist

The more balanced and positive your mental and emotional state is, the more your choices, behavior, actions and results reflect that, and your experience of life improves. While we can look at research that shows some potential benefits of optimism, and linkages between the level of a person’s optimism and things like their health and longevity, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist or research studies

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6 Simple Tips To Help You With Packaging Your Product

Packaging is one of the most important aspects of selling a product. It needs to be attractive, but also functional so that your customer will have an easy time using it. The following are some tips for designing packaging that is both beautiful and practical. Make Sure You Use High-Quality Materials You do not want […] The post 6 Simple Tips To Help You With

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Building a Professional Brand Online

Professional coaches have the incredible opportunity to positively impact the lives of their clients. The relationship between coach and client allows for new and creative ways to tap into potential and increase productivity levels for both parties. A great way for coaches to maximize their own business in this continuously advancing digital world is to build a professional brand online and apply it across all of your accounts and channels.   A professional brand communicates the core of who you are. It distinguishes you

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Hero’s Journey® Change Model – International Coaching Federation

Embedded within the human psyche is an understanding of how humans change. Whether deliberately or not, this understanding has been translated into storytelling. Story after story, through centuries and across cultures, each one exhibits the same structure and archetypes. Joseph Campbell identified this phenomenon and describes the story model as the Hero’s Journey® — “The universal quest for self-transformation. The journey of the hero is about the courage to seek the depths; the image

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Getting Started With a Pro Bono Coaching Project

This post has been adapted from an original article written by Cristina Custodio – an ICF Foundation Ambassador – on the ICF Foundation website. Pandemics, climate change, refugee crises – doesn’t it seem like the world needs coaching more than ever?  This is a great time to start coaching for social impact. As an ICF Foundation Council of Ambassador, I work to support ICF Chapters and

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